Jual Pipa Ppr Georg Fischer

Spesifikasi Pipa Ppr Georg Fischer


Pipa Pn20

[Pipe Pn10] Pipa Pn10

[Pp-R Alu Pipa]

Pp-R Alu Pipa

Socket Fusion Fittings

[Socket] Socket

[90° Elbow] 90° Elbow

[90° Elbow, Male-Female] 90° Elbow, Male-Female

[45° Elbow] 45° Elbow

[45° Elbow, Male-Female] 45° Elbow, Male-Female

[Tee Equal] Tee Equal

[Reducing Tee] Reducing Tee

[Reducing Bush, Male-Female] Reducing Bush, Male-Female

[Cap] Cap

[Swan Neck] Swan Neck

[Narrow Swan Neck] Narrow Swan Neck

[Narrow Swan Neck F-F] Narrow Swan Neck F-F

[Three-Ways Welding 90° Elbow] Three-Ways Welding 90° Elbow

[90° Bend] 90° Bend

[Manifold] Manifold

[Saddle With Spigot] Saddle With Spigot

Transition Fittings

[Threaded Female Saddle With Spigot] Threaded Female Saddle With Spigot

[Threaded Male Coupling] Threaded Male Coupling

[Threaded Male Coupling For Connection] Threaded Male Coupling For Connection

[Threaded Female Coupling] Threaded Female Coupling

[Threaded Female Coupling For Connection] Threaded Female Coupling For Connection

[Threaded Male 90° Elbow] Threaded Male 90° Elbow

[Threaded Female 90° Elbow] Threaded Female 90° Elbow

[Threaded Female 90° Elbow With Spigot] Threaded Female 90° Elbow With Spigot

[Threaded Male 90° Elbow With Bracket] Threaded Male 90° Elbow With Bracket

[Threaded Female 90° Elbow With Bracket] Threaded Female 90° Elbow With Bracket

[Threaded Male Tee] Threaded Male Tee

[Threaded Female Tee] Threaded Female Tee

[90° Elbow For Metal Taper Threaded] 90° Elbow For Metal Taper Threaded

[Adaptor Union For Metal Taper Threaded] Adaptor Union For Metal Taper Threaded

[Three-Ways Threaded Male 90° Elbow] Three-Ways Threaded Male 90° Elbow

[Three-Ways Threaded Female 90° Elbow] Three-Ways Threaded Female 90° Elbow

[Modular Distribution Element] Modular Distribution Element

[Distribution Element] Distribution Element

[Adaptor Union Socket Male Threaded] Adaptor Union Socket Male Threaded

[Adaptor Union Socket-Socket] Adaptor Union Socket-Socket

[Flange Adaptor] Flange Adaptor

[Backing Flange Pp-V] Backing Flange Pp-V

Backing Flange Pp-V / For Socket Systems Metric
[Backing Flange Pp-Steel] Backing Flange Pp-Steel

Backing Flange Pp-Steel / For Socket Systems Metric
[Profile Flange Gasket Metric] Profile Flange Gasket Metric

 Tools And Accessories

[Suitcase] Suitcase

[Complete Socket Welder] Complete Socket Welder

Complete Socket Welder / Pe63r Manual Welding With Electromechanical Thermostat, 700W - 230V

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